Under 3.5 Goals Meaning | What Does Under 3.5 Goals Mean?

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Sportsbooks casually refer to the term under 3.5 goals meaning that the prediction is for the final goal count to be 3. If you’re still confused about what we mean, we have a full guide with the over/under predictions meaning and how to place bets on that market for you.

❓ What Does Under 3.5 Goals Mean? ❓ 

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular because of the increasing markets that punters can bet on. Sportsbooks have found lots of creative ways to keep punters interested in their services. And one of those markets is the over/under market.

We’ll get into the under 3.5 goals meaning, but first, let’s explain over/under bets. For these bets, the sportsbook gives you a certain prediction for the outcome of the match. If it’s a football or soccer match, they’ll give a prediction for how many goals from both sides the game will end in.

All you have to do for these is predict whether the actual score will go over the bookmaker’s prediction or under it. The under 3.5 goals market is the specific prediction in the over/under bets niche. Punters need to correctly predict whether the game will end in 3 or fewer goals.

For this specific bet, if the game ends with both teams scoring 4 or more goals, the punter loses. So, you might be confused about the decimal here since there isn’t such a thing as half a goal. An addition 0.5 is given after the integer so that the sportsbook doesn’t tie with the bettor in any case.

Under 3.5 Goals Guide South Africa

Under 3.5 Goals Examples

We’ll help you get more familiarised with the under 3.5 goals meaning with a couple of examples from popular sports betting sites.

Think about any El Classico in the future. The teams are Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona. If you’ve placed an under 3.5 goals bet on this match, both teams scoring a combined 4 goals or more will lead to your prediction being incorrect. But both teams together scoring 3 or fewer goals will make you win your bet.

But, if you predict over 3.5 goals meaning both teams’ combined goal score should be above 3 at all costs.

Under 2.5 Goals Meaning Betway

Betway is a popular site for over/ under bets. You’ll typically find a lot of markets for these bets in sports like cricket or football at Betway.

For bets in the under 2.5 goals market, Betway offers a lot of football leagues. These include Spanish leagues such as La Liga and Copa Del Rey, French leagues like Ligue 1 and Super Cup, International Leagues, Friendlies and even Women’s football.

Most or all of these leagues will have under 2.5 goals, or even under 3.5 goals, the same kind of bet with a different prediction.

Under 2.5 Goals Meaning Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets is another great sportsbook where you can find the over/ under market for football betting. Specifically, for the under 2.5 goals bet, you’ll find leagues such as EPL, La Liga, UCL, and many more. Essentially, the sportsbook will offer multiple football leagues with events, including the over/ under market.

Under 3.5 Goals Strategies

Over/ under bets are pretty easy ones to partake in. All you need to do is make a prediction about which way the actual outcome will go. But there are some things that professionals recommend keeping in mind when making these bets:

Identify the Best Bets

Don’t place bets on matches where you’re not sure of the outcome. As we already know, depending on the circumstances, there’s usually an underdog and a favourite to win. But that doesn’t give you enough insight into the defensive strategies or the formation set by the coach, all of which play a part in goal-scoring frequency.

Know the Players

When you are already familiar with the teams playing and know the players, it will be easier for you to predict the total goals for the game to end in. Veteran fans usually are able to correctly predict whether their favourite team’s players will score and how many they are likely to score. And for the opposition, it shouldn’t be too hard to make an educated guess based on past performance.

Know the Stats

Knowing the recent match statistics will also give you some pretty good insight into how many goals are likely to be scored in this match. The objective isn’t to give a correct prediction here; you just need to figure out whether they will score more or fewer goals.

How to Place the Under 3.5 Goals Bet?

When placing an under 3.5 goals bets, it’s going to be similar at all online sportsbooks. But we’ve created a step-by-step guide to get you started:

How to place the under 3.5 goals bet in South Africa?

  1. Select an online sportsbook and register.

  2. Make a deposit and claim any available welcome bonuses.

  3. Navigate to the sports section and find football or soccer.

  4. Decide which match you want to bet on and go into the additional markets.

  5. Add the ‘under 3.5 goals’ market to your bet slip and hit confirm.


Lastly, we have under 3.5 goals meaning related FAQ for any confusion you might have.

Is under 3.5 a good bet?

Yes, it is a good bet since it doesn’t require any complicated calculations. All you need to know is both teams’ goal score history and make an educated guess before you place your bet.

How many goals are under 3.5?

There are 3 goals under 3.5. This means the teams scoring 1 goal, 2 goals, or 3 goals would be considered within the under 3.5 goals.

What are under 3.5 goals predictions?

Under 3.5 goals predictions refer to the prediction given by the sportsbook to be under 3 or fewer goals.

How to predict under 3.5 goals?

To make the correct prediction in an under 3.5 goal bet, you should have some prior knowledge about the teams and their stats and try looking for a pattern.

How do I calculate under 3.5 goals?

There isn’t any real way to calculate under 3.5 goals bets. This is done beforehand by the sportsbook.

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