Over 1.5 Goals Meaning | What Does Over 1.5 Goals Mean?

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Let’s explain over 1.5 goals meaning and what it means in betting. If you bet regularly, you must have come across the over 1.5 goals term before. And if you have wondered about the over 1.5 goals meaning, the answer is right here in this article.

What Does Over 1.5 Goals Mean?

The beauty of betting is the variety of predictions you can make on a single game. For example, you can bet on the match-winner, double chance, halftime/full-time market, and the number of goals to be scored in the match. This is called the over/under predictions.

The over/under betting market is two betting markets combined in one. The over-market means that the match will have more than a specified number of goals. In contrast, the under-market predicts that the number of goals will be less than that.

So over 1.5 goals is a betting market in which you predict whether a match ends with two goals or more. There are just two predictions in this market: Yes and No. If you choose the ‘Yes’, you predict the match ends in 2+ goals, while the ‘No’ option means the match ends in one goal or none.

There is also the under 1.5 goals meaning. That is, you are predicting that the number of goals scored in the match to be under two goals. And just like in the over 1.5 goals market, there is the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ option. The ‘Yes’ option predicts the match ends in less than two goals, while the ‘No’ option predicts it ends in over two goals.

Over 1.5 Goals Meaning

Over 1.5 Goals Examples

While the over/under market is popular, the over 1.5 goals market is not usually the first choice. The over 2.5 and over 3.5 over often are more preferred. But despite the lack of popularity, you can still find the over 1.5 goals market on most bookmakers. We will use two popular bookmakers to show some examples.

Over 1.5 Goals Meaning Betway

The football market is the most popular on Betway and takes a prominent place on the homepage. But to find the over 1.5 goals market on a football game you want to bet on, click on ‘More bets’, then click on the ‘Goals’ tab. That is where you will find the over 1.5 betting market.

There are other ways to bet on over 1.5 on Betway. You can play in the combination market, for example, 1×2 and over 1.5, both teams to score and over 1.5 and double chance and over 1.5.

Over 1.5 Goals Meaning Hollywoodbets

On Hollywoodbets, soccer is not the homepage, so you have to find it in the list of sports on the left side of the page. After selecting football, click on the league you want to bet on and select the event. Next, click the ‘More’ button to reveal the over 1.5 goals market.

Just like in Betway, there are combination markets. Some different combination markets on Hollywoodbets are over 1.5 for the home team and over 1.5 for the away team.

So this prediction is that the home team alone will score two goals and above, or the away team if you choose that option. There is also the first half and over 1.5 goals. That is, the number of goals in the first half will be two and above.

Over 1.5 Goals Strategies

The over 1.5 predictions provide a less risky alternative to other popular markets, especially in football leagues where many goals are scored. However, we have researched and come up with some strategies for betting on over 1.5 goals.

Know the Players That Will Play in the Match

The players available to play in a match determine how the team will play. And this affects the number of goals scored in a match. If a team has a prolific striker, think Haaland or Lewandoski, you can be sure that the number of goals in almost any match they play will at least end in 2 goals or more.

Understand How the Team You Bet on Plays

A very defensive team that plays another defensive team will most likely come out with a 0-0 draw. Think Athletico Madrid and Chelsea. But an attacking team that plays another attacking team will come out with many goals and even at least a 1-1 draw. Just like in all the matches between Manchester City and Liverpool last season (2021/2022) was over 1.5 goals.

Research the Average Goal Return of the Leagues and Competitions

Some leagues are more free-scoring than others, while some other leagues have a low goal average. This is the same for some competitions. So, the over 1.5 market prediction will be ‘Yes’ in a league where goals flow freely.

Also, in a competition that plays a home and away leg, if a team has won with a considerable margin in the first leg, they most likely will go into the second leg to play out a 0-0 draw. You must consider all these points as you bet on over 1.5 goals.

Bet on Accumulators

Place over 1.5 goals bet with other predictions in accumulators. This can just be the ordinary accumulator, or you can use system bets to reduce the risk of the bet losing.

Live Bets

Live betting reduces the risk of losing your bet, especially in the over 1.5 goals market. If there is an early first goal, then statistically, there is more chance for another goal before the end of the match. The only challenge is that the odds may be reduced. But you can beef it up by placing the prediction in an accumulator bet.

Consider the Over 1.5 Goals Combination Market

Most bookmakers join the over 1.5 goals with other markets like the match-winner or the double chance market. As a result, the odds are better and increase the value of the bet.

How to Place Over 1.5 Goals Bet?

To place an over 1.5 goals bet, follow the steps below:

How to place over 1.5 goals bet?

  1. Visit the website of the bookmaker of your choice and log in.

  2. Click on the football tab, and select the league and event you want to bet on.

  3. Click on the ‘More’ tab, and find the ‘Totals’ or ‘Goals’ section.

  4. Find the over 1.5 section and make your predictions.

  5. Enter the amount you want to stake on the bet slip, and click on ‘Bet’.

Over 1.5 Goals Meaning FAQ

As we end this article, we have answered some frequently asked questions about the betting market.

What are over 1.5 goals predictions?

The over 1.5 goals prediction is a betting market where you bet whether a match will end in 2 goals or more.

How do you predict over 1.5 goals strategy?

There is no sure strategy to win over 1.5 goals bet. But you can focus on betting on attacking teams, as their goal returns per game are almost always over two goals and above.

What does under/over 1.5 goals mean?

The under/over 1.5 goals is a betting market where you predict if the score of a match will be under or over 2 goals.

How to calculate over 1.5 goals?

When you bet on over 1.5 goals, the match needs to end in 2 goals or more.

What’s the difference between over 1 and over 1.5 goals?

The difference between over 1 and over 1.5 is that in over 1 bet, if the match ends in one goal, the bookmaker will return your stake. In over 1.5, if the match ends in one goal, you lose the stake.

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