Over 3.5 Goals Meaning | What Does Over 3.5 Goals Mean?

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New punters are often curious about over 3.5 goals meaning in sports betting. This is a popular sport betting market commonly used in football, which will be explained in this article, so read on.

What Do Over 3.5 Goals Mean?

One of the over/under predictions that are quite common on sports betting sites is the over 3.5 goals betting option. Before we go into this option, we will first consider the over 3.5 goals meaning in sports betting.

Choosing this betting option means that you are predicting that the number of goals in the football match will be 4 or more. In other words, when a player chooses over 3.5 goals, it means there has to be 4 or more goals total scored by the two playing teams.

Over 3.5 Goals Betting Option

Over 3.5 Goals Examples

Without examples, you might not understand the over or under 3.5 goals meaning and how this betting option works as a new punter. So we will be looking at some examples below.

Over 3.5 Goals Meaning Betway

For a punter on Betway, choosing over 3.5 goals means you have predicted the match to finish with 4 or more goals.

For example, if Arsenal plays against Barcelona FC and a bookie prediction is:

  • Over 3.5 goals, 1.32
  • Under 3.5 goals, 2.33

If after betting on over 3.5 goals, the total goals equals 4 or more, then the bet has been won. If it is less than 4 goals, the bet is lost.

Over 3.5 Goals Meaning Hollywoodbets

Over 3.5 goals are also available to bettors on Hollywoodbets. As we already mentioned, if you choose this option, you are simply saying that there will be four or more goals in a football game.

Let’s look at another example, a match between Chelsea and Arsenal where Hollywoodbets has a prediction of “Over 3.5 goals, 1.32”, and the player bets on over 3.5 goals and the game eventually finishes with a total goal score of 4 or more, then the punter wins.

Over 3.5 Goals Strategies

Here are details of two strategies for betting on over 3.5 goals and how you can use the market to your advantage.

Looking at the Stats for Over 3.5 Goals

To use the stat method for over 3.5 goals is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to study the stats for the over 3.5 goals market and check for the tendency of the teams involved to have at least 4 goals. You’ll end up avoiding teams that are very defensive and do not have a potent attack.

Even if one of the teams is a very good attacker and the other is an excellent defender, there is a high chance of you not seeing the required number of goals to win your bet. You can look up a trustworthy stat online to check which teams have a high rate of over 3.5 goals.

Just like checking out the stats of each team, you should also make yourself more familiar with goal trends around the world. For example, the Premier League has more average goals than Serie A, and Bundesliga games are more open than other leagues in Europe. You’ll need to consider this, as well as each team’s individual tendencies when making your over 3.5 goal prediction.

Backing Over 3.5 Goals In-Play

Another way to use the over 3.5 goals is to wait for the game to start before making your wager. You can have an excellent result if you wait until the second half of games before placing your over 3.5 goals bet.

If the teams have already scored three goals in the game, then you need just one more goal to win your over 3.5 bet. Even if the teams have been able to score just two goals in the game, you can still place an over 3.5 bet at that time. You can watch the game live or monitor the in-play stats to see how likely it is to get more goals.

How to Place Over 3.5 Goals Bet?

Now that we have clarity on the meaning of over 3.5 goals in sports betting, let’s take a look at how this bet is placed. Placing the over 3.5 goals bet is very simple and doesn’t take much time. These steps will guide you in placing your over 3.5 goals bet.

How to place over 3.5 goals bet?

  1. Visit your preferred betting site.

  2. Go to the “Football” section.

  3. Choose your preferred football league.

  4. Tap the “Bet Type” button and choose “Over/Under”.

  5. Choose “Over/Under 3.5 goals”.

  6. Select the games you’ll like to play.

  7. Choose the amount you’re betting with and place your bet.


Let’s answer some common questions now.

How many goals is over 3.5?

The over 3.5 bet is a match with goals of 4 or more.

What are over 3.5 goals predictions?

These are predictions made when a punter places a bet on a particular match with both teams having a total score of 4 goals or more.

How to predict over 3.5 goals?

To predict over 3.5 goals, you’ll need to check the statistical data of the current season, and also find out about both teams and the player-specific stats. This will help you get a clear picture of the market and make predictions easily.

How do I calculate over 3.5 goals?

Over 3.5 goals market is easy to calculate. The goals that qualify for over 3.5 are 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, and 4-0. These goals, and any combined number of goals higher than 3 , qualify for the over 3.5 goals. Any score less than 4 results in an automatic loss of this bet.

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