Correct Score Meaning Explained

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Familiarising yourself with all the sports betting terms is of paramount importance if you want to bet on sporting events. In this article, we will explain the correct score meaning in considerable detail, which will help you with correct score predictions.

What Does Correct Score Mean in Betting?

Correct score, meaning in the context of sports betting, is predicting the exact score of a match, particularly a soccer match, and placing a bet on it.

You may have heard about betting on the outcome of games. That is one of the oldest and simplest forms of sports betting. However, the world of sports betting has become more interesting and challenging with time. Correct score betting has fuelled part of that change.

In a correct score bet, you not only have to get the outcome of the match right but also the exact final score.

As you can probably imagine, it is one of the most difficult bets to win. There are a few strategies that are time-tested and effective. The element of luck is significant, so you should understand the risks before you start betting on correct scores.

Where to Bet on Correct Score?

Correct Score Predictions

Correct Score Examples

Does correct score meaning still sound a bit complicated? Well, let us look at an example to get a better grip on the subject.

Assume for the sake of this example that you are about to make a correct score bet on a Manchester United versus Liverpool game.

Once you log in to your betting account, you will find several correct score options listed under ‘home win,’ ‘draw,’ and ‘away win.’ You will find common scores like 1-0, 0-2, 0-0, 1-1, etc.

You will also find an ‘other score’ option under each category. That is useful when you do not want to wager on any of the scores by the bookmaker.

Now, let us assume that you went with a 1-1 draw and confirmed your bet. If the score at the end of the game (90 minutes plus stoppage time) is exactly 1-1, your bet will win. For any other score, your bet will lose.

When making correct final score bets, you should note that your own goals, penalties, goals scored during the extra time all count.


Betting in the correct score markets is not for everyone. There are no two ways about it. The prime reason for correct score betting being such an unattractive option for many is the risk.

Correct score is among the riskiest forms of sports betting. Though there are certain mathematical models that can help, their effectiveness in formulating long-term strategies is questionable.

For example, there are certain scores that occur more commonly than others. In other words, there are some scores that are more likely to occur than others. A 1-1 score is twice as likely to occur as a 1-2 score, just to take one example. There are common soccer scores charts based on this data that many punters use for their correct score predictions.

However, this approach is not likely to generate meaningful results, at least in the short term. There is no guarantee that the next match will have a 1-1 score despite the fact that 1-1 is the most common score across soccer games in general.

Moreover, many may recommend using a Poisson distribution model to calculate the probabilities of a set of possible final scores. In this case, the problem is the same. Just because something is a more probable outcome generally does not mean it will happen in the next match.

With all that said, correct score betting can have its pleasures. The odds are typically quite high. Hence, your winning bets can generate substantial pay-outs.

Besides, correct score betting has a certain challenge attached to it. There is a thrill associated with taking big risks, and many punters like that. If you enjoy taking risks, too, you should also try correct score prediction betting, albeit with smaller amounts initially.

Correct Score Pros

We have listed and analysed some of the benefits of correct score sports betting in the following section.

Incredible Odds

Correct score bets have some of the best odds among the different bet types. Odds reflect the risks associated with bets. Correct score prediction bets are generally quite risky across the board. They have some of the highest odds you can find in sports betting markets.

Odds determine your pay-outs, so higher odds are a huge plus.

Unbeatable Pay-Outs

A general principle you should remember when betting on sporting events is that higher odds translate into higher returns if you win. Therefore, the fact that correct scores have higher odds means that your returns are much higher if you win such a bet.

Perfect for Risk-Takers

Many punters engage in some forms of betting because they get a kick out of taking big risks. If that sounds like you, correct score betting will be right up your alley. Moreover, it will add a layer of anticipatory excitement to your match-viewing experience as a plus.

Correct Score Cons

While you may find some or all of the advantages of correct scores enticing, it is important for you to note a few of the drawbacks before you reach a conclusion. We have listed and analysed the main drawbacks below.

Extremely Risky

The biggest pay-outs come to those who take the biggest risks. But that is not something everybody is ready to face because most risks do not pay off.

That is why it may be better for you to stay away from correct score predictions if you are a bit on the risk-averse side. Most correct score sports bets are likely to lose, and you will win only a tiny fraction of the time.

Strategies Are Not Effective

Unlike casino games, sports betting is the kind of gambling where you can use your knowledge, research, mathematical models, etc., to make pretty accurate predictions. In short, it has a much higher element of skill.

However, that concept completely blows away when making correct score predictions. None of the available models or strategies can help you in establishing a sustainable long-term correct score strategy.

Mostly a Bet of Luck

If correct scores are not about skills, what are they about? Well, the only other thing in gambling that can help you is your luck.

That is what correct scores come down to. If you are not a fan of that and prefer games of skill, correct score predictions are not for you.

FAQ – Correct Score Meaning

In the following section, we have answered some of the most fundamental questions around correct score meaning.

What Does Other Mean in the Correct Score?

In the simplest language, other in correct score betting means all the results that are not in the bet coupon. In a correct score coupon, only a few scores are specified. If you want to bet on any score other than the one specified, you choose the ‘other’ option.

What Is Anytime Correct Score?

Anytime correct score differs from correct score prediction in one crucial manner. While correct scores are about predicting the exact score at the end of the game, anytime correct score is about predicting a score that can occur at any time during the game.

What Is the Meaning of Correct Score 17 Way?

Correct score 17 way is a type of promotional competition that many bookmakers offer from time to time. Simply put, if your correct score bet has 17 selections and they all turn out to be accurate, the bookmaker gives you a huge bonus on top of your winnings.

What Is the Meaning of Any Other in Correct Score?

In correct score prediction betting, there are some options in the bet coupon. If you choose to bet on a score other than the ones listed, you have to select the ‘any other’ option.

How to Calculate the Odds for Correct Score Betting?

Bookmakers generally give odds, and you can compare between them. However, if you want to calculate odds independently, you should use the Poisson Distribution’s mathematical model.

Which Operators Offer Correct Score Predictions?

Almost every major South African sportsbook offers correct score markets. This includes big names such as, Hollywoodbets, etc.

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