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There are several betting terms punters find challenging to understand, including system bet calculator. This guide will show you the system bet meaning and how to calculate it.

System Bet Calculator

System Bets Calculator

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With a system bet calculator, bettors can easily calculate the expected winnings of system bets. System bets consist of a combination of selections in which all your picks do not have to be successful for your bet to win.

System Bet Calculator

How Are System Bets Calculated?

To place a system bet, you must bet on at least three or more sporting events. However, you need to consider the following questions before placing your system bet:

  • β€˜What total number of events do you want to tip on?’
  • β€˜How many correct suggestions do you need to make returns?’

A system bet has various versions – 2/3, 2/4, 3/5, 4/6 etc. Regardless of the bet type, all possible combinations are created from the individual tips and listed on your betting ticket as a betting series.

For example, let’s analyse the 2/3 system bet where you must choose three different sporting events to place bets.

Let’s look at three different fixtures in the English Premier League:

  • A- Tip: Arsenal vs Liverpool, with Arsenal priced to win at 1.70 odds.
  • B- Tip: Chelsea vs Manchester United, with Chelsea priced to win at 1.50 odds.
  • C-Tip: Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City, with Tottenham priced to win at 2.50 odds.

The system forms all possible 2-combined bets from the three tips – three betting series appear on the bet slip in total.

So your betting series will be like AB, BC, and AC on your betting ticket i.e.:

  • 1st Combination: Arsenal * Chelsea
  • 2nd Combination: Chelsea * Tottenham
  • 3rd Combination: Arsenal * Tottenham

One of the three combined bets must win to make a profit – that is, two of three betting tips must be correct.

How to Calculate System Bets Manually?

You must place a bet of the same amount for each betting series. So if you will be placing $10 on each betting series from the example above, that will be a $30 wager.

It is best to work with a system bet calculator before placing your bet to help you determine your possible winning amount and if you have the chance to win the bet. However, you can also calculate manually.

Using the same example above, here is how it is done manually (exampel of wagering $10 on different scenarios):

  • AB = 10 x 1.70 x 1.50 = $25.50
  • BC = 10 x 1.50 x 2.50 = $37.50
  • AC = 10 x 1.70 x 2.50 = $42.50

Total wager = $30

The total for the three betting series is $105.50. Your net profit on this system will be your total winning – your wager, i.e. $105.50 – $30 = $75.50

Let’s say your Tip B ends in a loss; then the bookmaker will record AB and BC as a loss with AC the only winning combination.

The earnings for this system bet will be $42.50, and your returns will be $42.50 – $30 = $12.50.

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18+ | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions apply | Commercial Content