Both Teams To Score Meaning Explained

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Both teams to score meaning is easy to understand and we will explain what you should know about this betting market.

What Does Both Teams to Score Means?

Both teams to score meaning is one of the common sports betting terms that is sometimes abbreviated as BTTS. This is a straightforward bet where you can wager on whether teams in a match will score or not.

If you are looking to know BTTS meaning, you first need to understand that there are two options in this market – BTTS Yes and BTTS No. If you select the ‘Yes’ option and both teams end up scoring, you are credited a win. This means that a draw of 1-1 and above wins you the bet. It doesn’t matter the team that wins, as long as each has at least a score.

You lose the bet if one side does not score any goal. On the other hand, both teams to score meaning for a ‘No’ option works in the opposite way. If the teams draw at 0-0, you will win the bet, meaning no team should score. If either of them scores even one goal, you lose the bet.

Both Teams To Score Meaning

BTTS Examples

We have discussed a few examples of BTTS bets to give you a clear outline of BTTS meaning. Although every day comes with unique fixtures, the BTTS matches highlighted on the 23rd of February 2022 include Queens Park Rangers vs. Blackpool in the Championship. The option is ‘Yes’ because Blackpool has recorded a BTTS result within its last five matches.

In the Champions League, selected matches with the ‘Yes’ include Benfica vs. Ajax and Atletico Madrid vs. Manchester United. Benfica has recorded a BTTS result in its last three out of four matches, while Manchester United has recorded the same result in 4 out of its previous five matches.

In La Liga, one of the BTTS ‘No’ results is expected on the 27th of February, 2022, in a match featuring Real Sociedad vs. Osasuna. For the last 8 matches for Osasuna, the ‘No’ option has been the winning bet.


Both teams to score bet type is popular in football, but it is also available in other sports such as ice hockey. With this bet, you have a 50% winning chance. The odds are slightly low compared to other markets, but it depends on the bookmaker also. You may find a better deal if you take time to study various operators and what they offer.

Before you place a bet, you should examine the teams and learn about their recent history. This will give you an idea of whether they have prolific strikers whose chances of scoring are high. If both teams are meeting in high-level competitions, you should bet in favour of the ‘Yes’ option because goals are inevitable. Remember that you can still win by choosing the ‘No’ option in competitions where both teams are highly defensive.

Another critical factor to consider is the choice of matches. You should favour matches where the visiting team is stronger than the host. This combination favours a GG result. Teams with an attacking philosophy will also deliver a good result.

Both Teams to Score Pros

The market is easy to understand

Every punter would like to enjoy the betting experience and place as many wagers as possible. Both teams to score market is one of the easiest you will find. As a beginner, it can seem complicated to place this wager. However, there are several betting sites that offer free bets which you can take advantage of to test this market. You can also check both teams to score predictions to get an idea of how the market works.

Ideally, it only has two options where you select yes or no. These alternatives do not require any mathematical process or analysis. You can simply rely on the form in which every team is and make the selection. Teams with highly prolific strikers with commanding statistics will undoubtedly inform your choice. If the teams participating in your selected match have a defensive history, you can reliably choose the ‘No’ option because the scoring chances are minimal.

Several categories

The BTTS wagers exist in many sub-types, giving punters many varieties to choose from. For example, there is BTTS in half a period, BTTS with a red card, or BTTS with a penalty. Both teams to score market is also flexible since you can combine it with other markets. For example, you can wager on both teams to score with player X to score in the match. You can also combine BTTS with a specific team to win. Thus, bettors have a better chance to tailor their bets depending on their unique preferences.

You don’t have to predict the final result

As long as both teams score a goal, you do not have to worry about the winner or loser. This means that if both teams score in the early stages, you don’t have to wait for the final match to know the outcome of the prediction.

Both Teams to Score Cons

Both teams to score market is a favourite among many players, but it still has its shortcomings that include:

Few games

Unfortunately, you can only wager on just two markets that include football and hockey. Other games like basketball and tennis have rigorous scoring sessions, meaning BTTS bets are not ideal. Undoubtedly, most punters in the world are fans of football, where this market is heavily applied. However, there are a few staunch fans of other sports; hence, they are locked out.

Lower odds

Generally, the best odds for BTTS bets are significantly low compared to other markets because there are always high chances that every match ends with both teams scoring. While the chances of winning both teams to score market are high, the low odds means that your profits are lesser.

No penalties and overtime

BTTS bets do not apply for extra time and penalties. The results will only count for regular time, 90 minutes in the case of football. It can be frustrating if results go in your favour during overtime, yet you cannot claim the win. As a beginner, you can check out the betting sites with free bets offers and try your luck with this market.

Both Teams to Score Meaning FAQ

What does Both teams to score yes or no mean?

BTTS meaning in betting is straightforward. The ‘Yes’ option means you win if both teams score and lose if one team or both fail to score. The ‘No’ option means no team should score for you to win the bet.

Which operators offer both teams to score predictions?

Top betting sites where you can place bets on this market include Hollywoodbets,, Interbet, Gbets, and Sportingbet.

What are the best odds for BTTS?

Odds keep changing depending on the game at hand and the bookmaker. 

How often do both teams score?

The frequency at which teams score depends on the current form, based on at least the last five games.

Which league has the most BTTS?

The Champions League has the top strikers in the world, so every game is likely to register a BTTS result.

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