Multi Bet Strategy┃How Does the Multi Bet Work?

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Here is an article that explains the multi-bet strategy and some other key betting terms. You will also find out how users can use the bet calculator to compute their potential returns from their bet slips.

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Multi Bet Strategy

What is a Multi Bet?

A Multi-bet, a shortened form of multiple bet, is a type of bet that allows bettors to place several wagers on a single betslip. It is also known as a parlay or accumulator.

This form of bet is riskier than a single bet. The reason is that each leg must be successful for the multi-bet to win. In addition, the more legs a multiple bet has, the greater the potential returns. However, it also means the chances that the bet could lose will increase.

Most bettors frequently place multi-bets on sports like football, tennis, basketball, and horse racing. In addition, some sportsbooks allow bettors to combine different bets on the same game or event into a multi-bet.

For instance, in an NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, bettors can stake on a couple of player specials bets, e.g. Steph Curry (Over 28.5 points), Robert Williams III (Over 5.5 rebounds), and Jayson Tatum (Over 26.5 points). However, each of these players must exceed the required points or rebounds for you to win your multi-bet.

You can compute the total odds of your multi-bet by multiplying the odds of all the selections. The winnings from one bet are carried over and utilised as the stake amount for the next bet.

Types of Multi Bet

There are different types of multi bets, and we have explained some of the most popular ones below.

Double Bets

This type of multi-bet consists of two separate wagers. However, these bets work together as a unit because the second bet’s outcome depends on the first bet’s success. If both win, the bettor will receive his returns.

Triple Bets

A triple bet consists of three separate bets. Much like the double bet, the outcome of the third bet depends on the previous bets in order for you to win. However, a triple bet is riskier than a double bet. Although, it gives more returns.


An accumulator consists of four or more separate bets. Depending on how many bets are in the accumulators, these bets could be 4- folds, 5-folds, or even more. Of course, all of the wagers must win for you to receive any payout.

Other variants include doubles, singles, triples, and a couple of number folds such as the Luckies, Trixie, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz, Goliath, and Patent, to mention a few.

How to Bet Multiple Bets on Hollywoodbets?

The sportsbook offers a variety of sports and betting markets that users can wager on. In addition, the betting platform allows players to place multiple bets. However, you need to register on the platform to be able to place this kind of bet. Follow the steps below to place a bet on Hollywoodbets.

  1. Log in to your account and make a deposit.
  2. Select “Sport”, e.g. Basketball, from the events list on the left side of the homepage.
  3. Next, pick a tournament, e.g. NBA Playoffs, and select the game you wish to wager on (such as Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics).
  4. Click “More markets” to see the available list of betting options for each game.
  5. Next, select the market you wish to bet on and click on the odds to add the selection to your betslip.
  6. Do this repeatedly for the selections you wish to add to your betslip.
  7. Once you’ve finished making your selections, enter the amount you wish to stake. Finally, click on “Submit” to place your multiple bets.

In sports like horse racing, the platform provides a myriad of multiple bet types. After selecting your race, the “win/place” option will show up in the top-right corner of your screen. Bettors can wager on fixed odds, fixed places, open win, sp, open places, each way, swingers, open doubles, exactas, trifectas, quartets, jackpots, fixed-odds multiples, Yankee etc.

How Does Multi-Bet Work on Betway?

Betway is one of the top bookmakers where users wager on multi-bets. As is the norm in online sports betting, you have to create an account with the bookie to be able to place multiple bets on the platform.

To play a multi-bet on Betway, select the sport and event you want to bet on, and click on the odds of the market you wish to add to your betslip. You can add many selections following this process. Once you’ve finished your picks, input your stake and place your multi-bets.

Top Multi Bet Tips

The following tips will help you make an informed decision when placing multi bets.


You have to know your go-to sport inside out. A good multi bet slip requires a tremendous amount of research on each game. Most bettors prefer to place multi bets on football, basketball, and horse racing as these sports provide a lot of betting options.

As a result, you have to be very updated when it comes to events surrounding these sports. For instance, before placing a football-based multi bet, you should get information like the players’ availability, fixture list, head-to-head record, league positions etc., of both teams. You must evaluate each match independently and make a good prediction with a good chance of success.

Strike a Balance

Most bettors lose their multi-bets right from their first selection because of their recklessness in making picks in the name of wanting to win big. The fundamental concept of multi-bet is balance. Experienced bettors master the art of selecting markets with decent odds but a high probability of getting returns.

Explore Other Bookies

The variety of sports varies across bookmakers, and the same applies to odds. Therefore, comparing multi-bet odds between two or more bookmakers could help before placing bets. This comparison will allow you to choose the one that can get you better returns.

Take Advantage of Promotions

This tip requires you to be able to effectively switch between bookmakers. This allows you to monitor ongoing promotions, considering that most of these promotions have a validity period.

In addition, you can use these bonuses to place multi-bets. Most platforms turn off the “Cash Out” feature for bets placed with bonuses.

How to Place a Multi Bet?

Placing a multi-bet is straightforward. Follow the steps below to place your multi-bet.

How to place a multi bet?

  1. Select the sport you want and pick the event you want to bet on.

  2. Click on the game and choose the betting market you wish to bet on.

  3. Select the odds of the market you want to wager on.

  4. Next, go back to “Sports” and select another event.

    You can choose another sport. Click on the odds attached to your preferred betting option.

  5. Do this multiple times until you select the total picks you want to bet on.

  6. Go to the field provided for the stake amount and input the amount you wish to bet.

  7. Click on “Place bet” to place your multiple bets.

    Your potential winnings will be calculated by multiplying the total odds on your bet slip by your stake.


At the end of our article, we bring you the answers to some popular questions about this bet type.

What is the difference between a single bet and a multiple bet?

A single bet is a bet that has only one event in it, while a multiple bet comprises two or more events.

How are multiple bets calculated? 

You can calculate your multiple bets by multiplying the odds of each selection in the multiple betslip. The combined odds of multiple bets are higher than those of a single bet.

How do you win on a same-race multi?

Same race multi is a horse racing feature that gives bettors more options and greater flexibility at various odds. Your picks no longer need to finish in the top 3 for you to win your bets.
Some horses are regarded as “non-winners” but consistently place in the top 3. You can win money by choosing numerous runners to win, finishing in the top 2, 3, and 4 on the same-race multi.

What is a same-day multi-bet?

A same-day multi-bet is a multi-bet that consists of events that will take place on the same day. Bettors prefer this kind of multi-bet as it allows them to know their fate within 24 hours and get their returns within a day.

What happens if a bet is void in a multi?

Suppose one or more legs of your multi-bet are voided. In that case, the sportsbook will cancel the affected leg, and your potential winnings will be re-calculated by removing the odds of the affected legs and multiplying the odds of the remaining legs.

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