Draw No Bet Meaning Explained

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The purpose of this article is to provide the draw no bet meaning which is an option in sports betting in general but mainly for football. Draw no bet is one of the sports betting terms and there is a need for draw no bet predictions because it is a popular football betting market.

What Does Draw No Bet Mean

The match result is the most popular football market and is also known as the 1×2. Potential outcomes in league matches are as follows: Home Win, Draw, Away Win. This bet is settled after 90 minutes and stoppages and does not include extra time and penalties. However, the draw no bet betting market takes the Draw out of the equation.

Hence, the three-way match market becomes a two-way market. So, the potential outcomes are Home Win and Away Win. If a football match ends in a draw there is no definite outcome and that option has been removed from the match-winner market. That means bettors will get their stake back when the final result is a draw as only Team A or Team B can produce a winning bet.

Draw No Bet Meaning Explained

Draw No Bet Examples

Senegal played Egypt in the final of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. You could have bet on the winner of the match after normal time. The possible results were a Senegal win, Egypt win, or a draw. The bet was settled on the result before extra time and penalties. In fact, the score was 0-0.

Bets placed on either team to win the match at the end of 90 minutes were losing bets. Hence, if you had got involved in the draw no bet market, the bookmaker would return the stake. However, as the number of options was reduced from three to two the odds were adjusted accordingly.

Here is another draw no bet meaning example. South Africa did not qualify for the tournament but played in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. They lost two matches and won one. So, bets on the winner of their matches would have produced one win.

All three fixtures had a match-winner after 90 minutes so there were no draws. That meant any draw no bet wagers were not winners because South Africa’s three games in Group finished 1-0 after normal time. Stakes from draw no bet options were not returned as there was a match-winner.

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The draw no bet market is mainly associated with football. However, you can see this betting market in other team games with a specific amount of playing time. For example, in international Test match cricket, the draw is a common outcome. In fact, if the weather forecast suggests there could be rain and delays the Draw could be the favorite in this betting market.

A draw no bet meaning could be related to a horse race when there is a non-runner. One of the fundamentals of betting is that if you can’t win a bet, you can’t lose a bet. The Draw in team sports is the equivalent of a non-runner. You can’t place bets on the draw which means bookmakers return the stake as the Draw option is in effect not a possible result in the draw no bet meaning in soccer.

Draw no Bet Pros

Here are the positive features of the draw no bet meaning in sports betting:

Insurance Against the Draw

Many bettors like to have an interest in one team or another in a football match and matches in other sports to a lesser extent. Betting on the draw is not popular, even though about one-third of fixtures in the Premier League in England are draws.

If the backed team is winning by one goal towards the end of the match, there is always the potential for a draw. A famous English football manager called Brian Clough once said it only takes a second to score a goal to create a draw.

Protects Your Stake

The first objective when placing a bet is to win the bet and the second-best outcome is not losing the bet. There are situations in which a bet is a void so the stake is returned and not lost. The draw no bet option protects the stake when there is a draw in a football match.

The bookmaker provides a full refund when there is no winning team in the no draw betting market. An equalizing goal may spoil a winning bet but in a draw no bet example, there is the compensation of a returned stake.

Security Against Team Tactics

There are some football teams that often score late goals. Conversely, there are other teams that concede in the latter stages of a match. Some coaches may specifically set up a team not to lose a match while other coaches aim to win any match regardless of the context.

Team tactics can determine the score during the 90 minutes. Statistically, a one goal difference is a common scenario. Hence, the draw no bet market provides security against a match levelling goal.

Draw No Bet Cons

Now we look at the negative elements of draw no bet meaning in soccer:

Reduced Match Odds

Football match odds are compiled with a built-in margin. Each option is represented by a percentage which art added up to calculate the total margin for a game. When a draw could be a winning bet the odds on either team are higher than when the draw is eliminated from the bet.

So, in a draw no bet outcome the odds could be 10/11 (1.91) for each team in an even match. However, when the draw is a potential outcome the odds would be about 6/4 (2.5) for each team in this betting market.

Low Goals Expectations

In any football match in the main professional leagues, the average number of goals is about 2.5. That means goals are rare but scarcity makes them exciting and creates anticipation. However, when you have a draw no bet interest there could be low goals expectations.

If a match is goalless towards the end of the 90 minutes, a better will hope the team he has not backed does not score a goal. That scenario removes the contrasting lows but also highs of goals in a football match.

No Definite Outcome

This negative is linked to low goals expectations and anticipation. When a match is drawn there are no opposite emotions. There can be a feeling of dissatisfaction when there is no definite outcome.

Hoping for a draw to void a bet takes away one of the intrinsic attractions of watching football. For any great low, there has to be the potential for a high. In the draw no bet market, the contrasting emotions are eliminated from betting on football.

Draw No Bet Meaning FAQ

Here are the answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions about draw no bet:

What does draw no bet mean? What is a draw no bet accumulator?

A draw no bet accumulator combines four selections or more when the options are in the draw no bet market.

How to predict a draw no bet?

There are no guarantees in football so you can’t be sure of predicting correctly this outcome but you can refer to statistics, recent form and head-to-head results to create a better chance.

Which operators offer draw no bet predictions?

Most operators with football betting will offer the draw no bet option, including Bet.co.za and Hollywoodbets.

What does draw no bet mean?

This type of bet removes the draw option from the match result market which becomes a two-way and not a three-way option.

How does draw no bet work in a parlay?

A parlay is an American term for an accumulator so it combines a number of draw no bet selections.

How does draw no bet work in a multi?

A multi is also another term for an accumulator so the process is the same.

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