AFCON 2023/2024 – Tips & Predictions Review

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If you are considering betting on AFCON 2023/24, keep reading. Here, you can find more information about the history, predictions, as well as some Africa Cup Of Nations betting tips for the upcoming competition.

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AFCON Predictions for Today

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AFCON Predictions

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AFCON 2024 Predictions

Bet on AFCON Predictions

Currently, there are no AFCON odds available. Punters can expect this to change as we get closer to the AFCON 2024.

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How to Make AFCON Predictions?

The AFCON competition, which takes place every two years, is the top football competition on the African continent. It draws a number of bookies to offer odds on different events. The following elements can affect your predictions for bettors who want to wager on the games.

Consider the Home Advantage

In comparison to visiting nations, the host nation has a substantial advantage. First off, the host team is familiar with the field and has experienced the terrain. They cannot be affected by drastic variations in the weather because they are accustomed to it in their country.

Types of Groups

All teams are divided into four-team groups for the AFCON. Strong teams and underdogs are jumbled together because the process is carried out at random. However, some powerful teams can end up in the same group. These teams are frequently referred to as the teams of death. Predictions involving clubs from this group are challenging because they are all heavy favorites.

Check the Player’s Experience

Teams competing in the AFCON have players that play for the top European leagues, notably the Champions League. A team’s chances of moving up a level are higher if it has several players from Europe. Senegal, the current AFCON champion, has nearly all of its players playing club football in Europe. They have a lot of experience because the top managers in the world train them.

Consider the Defending Champions

A team that has won the AFCON in the past is likely to prevail in the competition, especially if it advances to the championship game. The defending champions who wish to retain their title face the same situation. They will likely have an advantage over other competitors because factors that helped them win in the past are probably still in place.

The current favorites for AFCON 2023/24 are Senegal with Sadio Mane, Egypt with Mohamed Salah and Nigeria.

Check For Injuries

Players taking part in the AFCON are vulnerable to injury, just like in any competition. Consequently, a team that suffers an injury to its most dependable striker might not score as many goals. The player will be influenced by this scenario to score the market as well. On the other side, a club that loses one or more of its top defenders will likely let up many goals.

Explore Past AFCON Winners

Since the year 2000, seven different nations have lifted the AFCON trophy in 12 tournaments since then. Furthermore, Egypt has managed to win three AFCON championships in a row, in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

What’s more, they were close to winning their 8th-ever AFCON in 2021 but finished as runners-up to Senegal. Still, Egypt has shown to be a big threat to African nations, as they easily qualified for this year’s tournament. Some of the other notable nations for AFCON 2023 are Nigeria, Zambia, and Algeria, who were all successful in the AFCON fixtures played so far.

Consider The Odds

Bеforе you start placing bеts on AFCON, it’s important to consider thе bеtting odds. Thеsе odds provide crucial information that can help you make an informеd decision. When it comes to AFCON 2023/24, two tеams that stand out as clеar favoritеs are Egypt and Sеnеgal.

Both nations have a strong footballing history and boast some of the best players in the world. This has not gonе unnoticеd by bookmakеrs, who havе placеd thеm at thе top of thе odds charts. Howеvеr, it’s important to notе that bеtting odds can fluctuatе throughout thе tournamеnt. Factors such as injuriеs, tеam form, and еvеn luck can all influence thе odds.

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AFCON Predictions FAQ

Players who have more questions about the AFCON competition should read the FAQ section below.

What are AFCON predictions?

AFCON predictions are reliable betting tips for placing AFCON wagers. These can help punters and provide them with expert opinions and more.

What are the best AFCON betting tips?

Some of the AFCON betting tips for punters include following the team news and statistics, as well as comparing the form of the two sides.

How to play AFCON predictions?

If you’re looking to place a wager with AFCON predictions, find a trustworthy source. Then, consider their opinion before placing your wager. But remember that no prediction can guarantee a specific outcome.

How to calculate AFCON predictions?

To calculate the odds of predictions, you can use any available bet calculator. Simply multiply the odds with your stake, and see what is the potential payout.

How can I find AFCON predictions?

To find AFCON predictions, look for a reliable site. There are numerous sites where punters can find AFCON betting tips and predictions. Find our list here – betting sites for the AFCON.

What are the best AFCON predictions in Zambia?

As the tournament is still away, there are no AFCON predictions in Zambia yet.

Where can I find reliable AFCON predictions?

Various online sites in Zambia offer predictions. However, you should look for knowledgeable and reliable opinions only.

Should I rely solely on AFCON predictions for betting or decision-making?

Punters shouldn’t rely solely on betting predictions but also apply their own knowledge when placing wagers. However, always remember to also consider the expert opinion.

Are AFCON predictions always accurate?

No, predictions aren’t always accurate. Unexpected outcomes are frequent in football, and it’s impossible to make a correct prediction every time.

Can AFCON predictions guarantee winning?

Unfortunately, not even predictions can guarantee a win. This is because football is often unpredictable, even after careful analysis.

Who makes AFCON predictions?

AFCON predictions are brought by experts who use football knowledge to provide predictions. Nevertheless, they can still make wrong predictions.

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