World Cup Winner | List of World Cup Winners and Predictions for World Cup 2022

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The long-awaited 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar. On 20 November, football teams will start competing for the title of the World Cup champion. Football fans can follow the progress of 32 countries participating in the biggest football competition as of 20th November. The world will know who is the World Cup winner on December 18th when the tournament ends.

Odds Table: Possible WC Winners

This year, Italy’s national football team has failed to qualify for the World Cup finals. That would be the second time in World Cup history that fans won’t be watching it competing against other teams for the World Cup prize. That was a surprise since it has plenty of good players and is one of the best teams football-wise.

Unlike the said country, many others will make their appearance at the World Cup. Thus, football enthusiasts will have a chance to watch other popular teams. 

So far, Brazil seems to have the best chance of becoming the World Cup winner. In addition to this South American countries, England, France, and some other countries are also likely to take the World Cup prize home.

Knowing the likelihood of the team winning is essential to a good betting strategy. The following odds table can help punters make an informed World Cup 2022 betting decision. Of course, this is the preliminary version of possible World Cup winners. The odds are bound to change when the World Cup finals begin in November.

Moreover, odds will change throughout the World Cup finals based on each team’s success or loss. Therefore, punters should keep track of game results. For now, the odds look like this:

Hollywoodbets Odds
Betway Odds
5.507.006.557.50 Odds


The Brazilian football association has sent another team that has a great chance of becoming the new champion in the World Cup finals. The favorites boast some of the best players, including Neymar, Thiago Silva, and Casemiro. These players will play a crucial part in the tournament and possibly make Brazil a six-time world champion.


The second favorites to become the 2022 World Cup winner, have one of the best teams that will take part in the tournament. The Three Lions have powerful players such as Harry Kane, who will most likely bring England to the final match. According to the sportsbooks, English and Brazilian national teams are almost certain to appear in the final game together.


France hopes to retain the World Cup this year after winning the championship in 2018. If it succeeds, it will be the third country to do this in World Cup history, right after the Italian and Brazilian national teams.


Two-time World Cup winners will once again have a chance to enter World Cup history as champions. With Lionel Messi on their side, this South American country may get far in the tournament. Group C opponents of the country will be the Polish and Mexican national teams.


As World Cup history fans know, Spain became a world champion back in 2010. The country has achieved great results both in the Nations League and during qualifications. Their national manager, Luis Enrique, has proven an excellent national manager. In addition, players like Pedri and Gavi give Spain a great advantage over other teams.

World Cup Winner

Winner of the Last World Cup: Performances of France in 2018

In 2018, France became the World Cup champion for the second time in World Cup history. It made it to the World Cup winners list yet again, 20 years after winning its first title. This World Cup winner beat Croatia 4-2 in the finals and became the best national football team. 

What is more, Les Bleus marked six out of seven wins in World Cup games. After this, it was crowned the World Cup winner. Additionally, their only tie result happened when they played against Denmark in the group stages. During the rest of the games in the World Cup finals, it came out victorious:

  • France vs. Argentina (4-3)
  • France vs. Uruguay (2-0)
  • France vs. Belgium (1-0)

In the final match, the French team competed against Croatia. In the 18th minute of the World Cup finals, France took the lead thanks to Mario Mandzukic’s strike. Ten minutes later, the opponent came back into the game when Ivan Perisic scored a goal. As the match progressed, the World Cup winner took the game away from the Croatian team. 

First, in the 38th minute, Antoine Griezmann scored a goal after the Croatian team received a penalty. Then, Kylian Mbappe scored a goal in the 65th minute, following Paul Pogba’s goal in the 59th minute. Mandzukic scored another goal for Croatia, but it was too late. Soon afterward the game was over, and France went home with the World Cup prize.

List of World Cup Winners 

The first World Cup took place in 1930. Ever since, numerous teams competed for the title every fourth year, with the exception of 1942 and 1946. Many countries made it to World Cup history as champions more than once. 

The following World Cup winners list presents the last 20 winners of the World Cup finals. In addition to the winning team and year of the tournament, the table states place, score in the final, as well as runner-ups. After this December, the table will get one more column presenting the 2022 World Cup champions.

YearLocationWorld Cup winnerScore in the finalsSecond place team
1934Rome, ItalyItaly2-1 (a.e.t.)Czechoslovakia
1938Colombes (Paris), FranceItaly4-2Hungary
1950Rio de Janerio, BrazilUruguay2-1Brazil
1954Bern, SwitzerlandWest Germany3-2Hungary
1958Solna (Stockholm), SwedenBrazil5-2Sweden
1962Santiago, ChileBrazil3-1Czechoslovakia
1966London, EnglandEngland4-2 (a.e.t.)West Germany
1970Mexico City, MexicoBrazil4-1Italy
1974Munich, West GermanyWest Germany2-1Netherlands
1978Buenos Aires, ArgentinaArgentina3-1 (a.e.t)Netherlands
1982Madrid, SpainItaly3-1West Germany
1986Mexico City, MexicoArgentina3-2West Germany
1990Rome, ItalyWest Germany1-0Argentina
1994Pasadena (Los Angeles), the United StatesBrazil0-0 (a.e.t)(3-2 pen.)Italy
1998Saint-Denis (Paris), FranceFrance3-0Brazil
2002Yokohama, JapanBrazil2-0Germany
2006Berlin, GermanyItaly1-1(a.e.t)(5-3 pen.)France
2010Johannesburg, South AfricaSpain1-0 (a.e.t)Netherlands
2014Rio de Janeiro, ArgentinaGermany1-0 (a.e.t)Argentina
2018Moscow, RussiaFrance4-2Croatia

Who Has Won the Most World Cups?

As suggested earlier, some countries went into World Cup history as winners on a couple of occasions. One such example is Italy.

Though its teams have proven very skillful on numerous occasions in the past, football fans won’t be watching it in the World Cup finals in 2022. This time, the fans might even see a country that has never once participated in the final game take home the World Cup.

Now, let’s discuss the best teams in World Cup history in greater detail:


This European country was a World Cup winner on four occasions, in 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006. The first time it made it to World Cup history as a champion, it beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 after extra time. During the next Championship, it played against Hungary in the final and won by two points difference. In 1982, it beat the opponent by two goals difference. 

Finally, it competed for the title against France in 2006. However, the score was 1-1 after extra time, but it earned its victory after the penalties. 


Brazil is the country with the most winnings in World Cup history by far. This South American country has won the championship as many as five times. First, it beat Sweden on its soil in 1958. The following World Cup also saw this South American country as the World Cup winner. 

In 1970, the Italian team suffered a defeat in the final, making the Brazilian team the champion again. Lastly, it became a World Cup winner two more times in 1994 and 2002. 

Interestingly, their team beat the opponent in the final with some of the highest goal differences. Last but not least, it almost won the championship on two more occasions. 

Finally, the country seems to have the best chance of becoming a World Cup winner this year as well. It is one of the betting World Cup favorites to win the 2022 World Cup. As you could see earlier, it is at the top of the list of countries likely to win the World Cup prize. 

If the team takes first place in the final, it will become the winner for the sixth time. Moreover, it will be harder for any country to replace its status as the ultimate World Cup winner.


This country was a World Cup winner four times. In 1954, 1974, and 1990, when it won the World Cup finals. Germany beat Argentina in the final with one point difference the same year it changed its name. 

The fact that the World Cup top scorer played for their team is another thing that Germans pride themselves on. Hopefully, their football association has also sent a winning team this year as well. So far, it is the sixth on the list of potential World Cup winners. 

World Cup Winners FAQ

Finally, this article explores some common questions football fans are interested in. Read on to learn which questions people have in regard to World Cup:

Which team won the previous World Cup?

France was the last to become a World Cup Winner in 2018.

Which continent won the most World Cups?

European countries have won most World Cup finals. So far, Europe has won 10 World Cups.

Which team has the most FIFA World Cup wins?

The Brazilian football team has the most wins in the final games of the WC tournament. What is more, it is a five-time World Cup winner.

What is the World Cup 2022 winner prize?

The 2022 World Cup winner will get a World Cup prize of $42 million.

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