How to Play Hollywoodbets Horse Racing? Beginners Guide for 2024

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If you want to use the Hollywoodbets promo code and learn how to place bets on horse racing, keep reading this Hollywoodbets horse racing guide for South African bettors. You can find out about the horse racing bonus offers, betting markets, and more.

Hollywoodbets Horse Racing Explained

After soccer, horse racing is probably the biggest sport to bet on in South Africa. Fans of Hollywoodbets horse racing can enjoy wagering on a wide variety of different races and racing events on this horse racing betting site.

When betting on horse racing on this platform, the public bets against other participants rather than the house. The wagers are pooled together, and the bigger the bet amount on a particular horse to win, the lesser the winning wager’s payoff.

Additionally, when more money enters the pool after post time, the odds that were in place at the time of your wager may also change significantly.

Furthermore, this bookmaker offers their South African players a chance to wager on the most popular racing events around the world, including nine countries. The events which South African punters can bet on with this bookmaker are held in South Africa, Australia, France, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

Moreover, after signing up for an account, customers will be able to see options “Next Race” and “Next International Race” on the home page. By clicking these buttons, players will have an overview of the upcoming horse races. Then, they will be able to explore different betting markets and the odds that they can place on their betting slip.

Hollywoodbets Horse Racing Bets

Type of Hollywoodbets Horse Racing Bets

With more than ten different bet kinds offered for each race, Hollywoodbets has one of the largest selections of horse racing wagers accessible in South Africa. Here are some of South African punters’ most popular horse racing betting markets.

Tote Bet

This is a unique Hollywoodbets horse betting wager. A player who participates in tote bets wagers into a collective pool with other bettors. The payoff is divided among winners; this is known as a dividend. It’s important to keep in mind that the number of winners affects the overall payout.

Win Bet

One of the bets that are perhaps easiest for novice bettors to understand is a win bet. You choose the horse you believe will triumph in the race; if your choice finishes first, you win.

Place Bet

When you wager on your horse to “place,” you are predicting either a first or second-place finish. You get rewarded if your horse finishes first or second. A place bet pays out less than a winning bet, but you are guaranteed to get winnings if your horse places in the first two places.


You can wager on two horses to finish first and second in precise order on this betting market. Because of the solid odds, this betting market is extra popular among expert horse bettors.

You can also “box” your exacta wager, which means that your two horses finishing in the top two places in any order will still result in a win.


Another horse racing bet type that you can use for your betting slip is trifecta. With this bet, the players must select three horses in a single race to finish in the first three places in the exact order. Additionally, South African players can place four types of Trifectas with Hollywoodbets: straight line, boxer, banker, and floating/roving banker.


This is possibly the most difficult wager to win. To earn a share of the pool, players need to correctly predict the first six finishers at a particular racetrack on a single day. If a player gets one horse wrong, the bet is not valid.

Hollywoodbets Horse Racing Bonuses

Hollywoodbets has many active promotions for both horse racing and other types of betting events. Furthermore, because horse racing is a seasonal sport, it’s recommended that users check the site regularly for new promotions. Below, you can find some of the most popular promotions and bonuses that are available for Hollywoodbets horse racing.

Punters Challenge

To start with, one of the most interesting horse racing promotions at Hollywoodbets is the Punters Challenge. At every race meeting at Hollywoodbets Greyville and Hollywoodbets Scottsville, the top 20 of the daily Leaderboard share a prize of R10 000. This promotion is available for all account holders, and T&Cs apply.

hollywoodbets Punters Challenge promotion

Irish Objection Promotion

By using this promotion, users can get their stake fully refunded. If a punter backs a horse on a single bet win and it’s objected against, and the win goes to another horse, the punter receives their stake in full. Moreover, this promotion is subject to the site’s T&Cs, so read them before using them.

hollywoodbets Irish Objection Promotion

This bookie features different event-related promotions for its registered members. For example, during the Durban July, players were able to claim a deposit bonus.

Therefore, it’s very likely that there will be similar promotions that bettors can use while wagering on a specific event.

How To Place a Bet on Hollywoodbets Horse Racing?

All South African horse racing fans can easily access the official Hollywoodbets website and start placing their wagers by following the step-by-step guide below.

How to bet on horse racing at Hollywoodbets?

  1. Firstly, visit the official Hollywoodbets website and log in to your account.

  2. Then, select “Horse Racing” from the main menu on the left-hand side.

  3. Next, choose a country to see the available races.

  4. Afterward, you need to select a “Bet Types” and choose the type of bet you want to wager on.

  5. In addition, you need to click on the odds that you want to add to your betting slip.

  6. Lastly, you should add the amount you want to stake and submit your betting slip.

Hollywoodbets Horse Racing Tips

Since horse racing is very sought-after in South Africa, many new horse racing fans don’t know the rules very well. Therefore, numerous bettors require some guidance as well as betting tips.

You can read some of the most useful tips and strategies that newbie players can use when betting in the future.

Read the Race Program

Reading the race day program will determine how well you can make horse selections. The program is jam-packed with the knowledge you can use to make more informed betting decisions.

It has a section for each race that day, containing data and background on all the horses competing in that specific race.

Check out the Horse Level

In horse racing, there are four main levels of classes: stakes races, allowance races, claiming races, and maiden races.  According to their performance, horses move up and down classes during the year, and frequently, a change in class can impact whether a horse will win or lose.

Therefore, choosing a horse with the appropriate level can significantly alter your winning chances.

Consider the Odds

Each horse will have the odds of winning in the program for every race. The horse with the lowest odds is typically the favorite to win. Although previous success cannot predict future outcomes, statistics demonstrate that, over time, betting on the race favorite pays off.

Look For a Good Jockey

When placing a wager on a horse race, look up a jockey’s past results. If a jockey routinely finishes first, second, or third, regardless of the horse they are riding; this is a good indicator that you should wager on them.

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