Betway Horse Racing Explained | How to Bet on Horse Racing on Betway?

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Players can place bets on Betway horse racing events worldwide, with the bookmaker offering a variety of markets and generous odds on this sporting event.

About Betway Horse Racing

The truth is that not many people watch horse racing. However, in recent times, more and more people are starting to pay attention to it. Furthermore, many people now enjoy the sport because they wager on it. Some people place little bets as social fun.

However, for those more serious, there are various strategies they can employ. But, what are the things to look out for when betting on Betway horse racing events?

First, let’s analyse a few tips that can be useful to players.

betway south africa horse racing

Do your research

It is vital to do your research about the jockey or horse you intend to place bets on before wagering. Using a racing form will give you all the necessary information regarding a race and the horses that will be racing. Of course, it won’t tell you which horse to back, but it will provide enough information to make a sensible selection.

Furthermore, it is essential to research the race background and the track the horses will race on. Also, before you wager, finding out the horse’s rank in the past few races will help you make your selection. It is also helpful to research the riders and trainers of the horses you’re considering betting on.

The trainer’s track record of victories will give you a decent idea of your chances of finishing in the top three.

Understand horse racing terminologies

You won’t fare well if you bet on a sport you don’t understand. Just like every other sport, horse racing has its terminologies. Understanding them will help you place better bets.

Incorporate different kinds of bets

Horse racing offers different bet types. Bettors mostly pick a horse to win; however, there are many bets available aside from that one. Therefore, it is helpful to be flexible and incorporate different markets when selecting the bet to place on a horse.

Horse Racing Terminologies Betway

Bet on different races

Placing different Betway horse racing bets gives you an edge over a player who places a bet on just a type of race. Doing this makes you a more intelligent bettor and broadens your knowledge about horse racing. Furthermore, having sound knowledge of a sport will help you win your bet.

Flat racing, Jump racing, Endurance racing, and Harness racing are racing varieties that bettors could explore.

Look at the odds

The prognosis of Betway horse racing odds will be listed next to its name for each race. The horse with the smaller odds is the favourite to win. While previous performance doesn’t guarantee future outcomes, statistics show that betting on the race favourite pays off over time.

Make a Budget

Every bettor needs to have a budget and learn bankroll management. Your bankroll is the amount of money you’re willing to risk.

Another thing is determining how much you are willing to pay for each stake. With this, you will be able to avoid the desire to bet more than your budget.

How to Place a Horse Racing Bet on Betway?

Placing a bet on Betway horse racing is simple. Below is a step-by-step guide on how users can place a bet:

How to bet on horse racing at Betway South Africa?

  1. Visit the Betway website and log in to your account.

  2. Click the horse racing icon on the homepage.

  3. Choose a track/venue from the options list.

  4. Choose your market.

    Use the form guide, jockey information, odds and every available detail to make your pick.

  5. Enter your wagering amount.

  6. Then click on ‘Bet Now’ to confirm.

Horse Racing Guide Betway South Africa

Betway Horse Racing Offers

Betway horse racing promotions are available for users to sometimes enjoy on the platform. For instance, best odds guaranteed, event-specific, extra places, etc., are some of the horse racing promotions offered on Betway. Besides the existing offers, you can also claim the welcome offer by using the Betway sign up code if needed.

Betway Odds Guaranteed

Betway offers this promotion to new and existing users. The bookmaker provides great odds on all UK and Irish horse racing. Furthermore, Betway provides this offer on an each-way bet. In addition, you can place a single bet or multi bets on the same day of the race.


Sometimes Betway offers promotions according to certain events on the website. For instance, the betting platform could offer promotions on events like Durban July or other events. So, whenever there is a horse racing event, try to watch out for any promotions that Betway could offer.

Extra places

The concept is that Betway might pay more for a horse race place than a betting exchange. You will make a profit if your horse finishes in that extra spot. For instance, if the bookmaker pays four places and the lay market is for your horse to finish in the top three, you’re hoping for a fourth-place finish! That is all there is to it.

Unlike other horse racing promotions, where you might want your horse to place first or second, you’re aiming for your horse to place third or fourth. Depending on the extra spot on the race, this might be 3rd, 4th, or 5th.

There are also other promotions the bookmaker offers. So keep betting with the site to enjoy the offers as they come.

Betway Horse Racing Odds

Betway horse racing odds are in the decimal and fractional format. Therefore, when making your picks to bet, the odds appear to the right of the horse’s name. Your stake multiplied by the odds determines your outcome.

However, Betway’s bet slip includes a calculator that shows your bet’s potential return based on the stake you entered, so you don’t have to worry about making the calculations yourself.

The horse racing section provides you with a diverse range of betting markets for each event. In addition, you can place single, double, or treble bets.

Furthermore, Betway offers outright betting, where you can place a bet on the winner of a race. The bookie also provides each-way betting, which allows you to wager on whether a horse will win or finish in any position you’ve selected. Finally, if you desire higher odds, ante-post bets are a good option. These wagers are usually riskier and recommended to experienced gamblers.

How to Play Horse Racing on Betway?

There are different strategies to use in horse racing on Betway. Here are some of them:

Get familiar with the race day guide

Reading and understanding the race day guide will help you place smart bets. The race day guide contains statistics and the history of all horses racing on a track.

Horse Race Day Guide Betway

Past performance on the surface type

It’s essential to know the horse’s performance you’re picking on different surface types. For example, horses run on a variety of surfaces on racetracks. On every kind of surface, horses perform differently.

History with jockey

Another thing to consider when placing horse racing bets is the jockey’s performance history. If the jockey has a good record, you can consider placing a bet on the horse he will race on. Also, check the history of a jockey with a particular horse because knowing this will help you win your bets.

Look out for the odds

If you’re searching for a simple approach to betting on horses with a high chance of making a small profit, wager the race favourite to win. Although there is no guarantee in betting, favourites have better chances.

Don’t bet on every race

The temptation for a newcomer is to gamble on every race on the schedule. However, while each race has a clear favourite, the intelligent horseplayer sifts through the entire card for the best bet and may only bet two or three races out of the whole card.


Bettors enjoy a huge range of betting options when they bet on horse racing. In addition, customers enjoy a few promotions on the website as loyal customers. The bookmaker also offers the chance to watch the event as they unfold.

All you need to do to enjoy the thrilling experience of horse racing is to create an account on Betway, log in to your account, select your picks and place your bets using the strategies discussed in this article.

Betway Horse Racing FAQ

Does Betway have horse racing?

Of course, Betway offers horse racing events on which bettors can bet.

How to find horse racing on Betway?

You can find horse racing on Betway at the top of the homepage. Visit the Betway website, log into your account, and find horse racing at the top of the page.

How do you win horse racing on Betway?

You can win horse racing on Betway by properly researching the event, horses, and jockeys. All the strategies you need are already in this article.

Does Betway do BOG?

Yes, Betway offers Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG). However, the promotion isn’t available every time on the website, so you need to be on the lookout.

How many places are Betway paying out on Grand National?

Grand National is the biggest race of the year. The bookmaker is paying out 4 places on the Grand National, and its each-way terms are 1/4 odds.

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